My name is Karen Martelletti, an Andreoli decendant lving in New Zealand.  I have been  working on our family tree for many years now.  If you are a relative (most likely living in NZ, Italy or Brazil), I may need your details. 
Please E-Mail me and I will let you know what I need, or fill in your details in the form supplied.
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Andreoli  Transport business, Chiavenna, Italia
This business belonged to Guglielmo Paolo Andreoli.  We think the photo was taken in the 1930's and that Guglielmo is holding the bike and his son Roberto is on the front wheel of the truck
Guglielmo Andreoli's postal service, Chiavenna, Italia
Guglielmo Andreoli took the mail and tourists to St Moritz in Switzerland, 3 days a week.  We think the photo was taken in the early 1900's and Guglielmo is the driver.  His stable was behind the building on the left which was a hotel at the time.
Below is a well known landmark in Chiavenna, called the "Castello", built in the 14th Century and was the home of a wealthy family.  Here you see 3 views of it
As it is today (no Andreoli transporting business in front !)
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